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Click Here to Access Proposal Guide: 

APPLICATION DEADLINE: Sunday, July 4th, 2021 by 11:59 PM

If you have questions throughout the weekend, staff will be checking their emails Friday evening, Saturday evening, and Sunday at noon. If you do email any staff members Sunday, after 12PM, they may be unavailable to answer any questions. 
Feel free to email:

All decisions will be made available in July 2021.

We look forward to learning about your project!

For more information, contact Abdulkhader Mohammed, Student Success Programs Support Coordinator at .Thank you for your interest in applying for the Agents of Change project funding.

Notes to keep in mind for the application:
  • For the application, please follow the proposal guide guidelines found on our website (direct link:
  • While writing your proposal, ensure you pay special attention to these following points:
    • What are the main objectives of your project?
      • These objectives should seek to address community needs and align with the Social Determinants of Health
      • You need to clearly outline your objectives in the proposal.
    • What is the specific need that you are trying to address?
      • Ensure you describe how your project (backed by scientific research) will address this need,
      • Ensure you have a specific target population within the community
        • If you are targeting a global population, you must have a very good reason to do so. In terms of feasibility, projects that have a specific target population are looked upon favourably for approval.
    • Is there something on campus that addresses the same issues, that you are trying to address?
      • Please explain why your project is different than whats available in the community and/or on campus.
        • What is unique/novel about your idea?
      • If there IS something that addresses the same issues, why are you doing it? Is there an added value? Please elaborate on this point in detail, as we do not want to repeat services that are already provided on campus by experts.
      • Your project should target needs that are NOT being addressed in the community.
    • Is your project feasible to complete with restrictions due to Covid-19? Is it feasible to complete within the next 8 months, taking into account your student responsibilities, workload, etc?
      • Please keep feasibility of project delivery in mind
      • Note: you may recruit project members after application approval.
    • Is there a risk to the community with your project? Keep safety and security in mind;
      •  i.e for touching upon therapy of any kind: do you have a certified personnel supervising?
      • i.e when handling food, are you taking into consideration, municipal guidelines?
  • For the community partners section of the proposal, it is NOT mandatary to have contacted the community partners PRIOR to application submission.
    • You can simply list the partners you plan on working with; their contact information, and how they will support your project.
    • You may contact the community partners after application approval.


  • A York undergraduate or graduate student in any year level
  • In good academic standing with York University
  • Must be available to attend 1- day training bootcamp (date TBD)
  • In groups of 1-5: The majority of students in the group must be from the Faculty of Health
    • Global Health
    • Health Policy & Management
    • Kinesiology & Health Science
    • Nursing
    • Psychology

Please check out our FAQ if you have questions about eligibility.

To apply, please upload your completed project proposal form in the online application*. Incomplete proposals and application forms will not be reviewed.  If you are applying as part of a group, you will only need to submit one application. Please assign a group member as a primary contact who is responsible for submitting the application on behalf of the group.

Proposal Bootcamp

To help students prepare their applications, we will be facilitating a 2-Part Proposal Bootcamp taking place June 29th 2021 from 5-7:30PM, and June 30 from 5-7PM through Zoom.

  • On June 29th, the Bootcamp will provide you and your group members and opportunity to work together and develop your project proposal based on your idea.
  • On June 30th, you will have the opportunity to present your application proposal and receive feedback from a panel of experts. *

By attending the Proposal Bootcamp, students will:

  • be able to take their ideas and come up with an implementable action plan
  • develop their project proposal and get feedback from a panel of experts
  • have an opportunity to ask questions they have regarding the application process and/or Agents of Change program in general.


Information Sessions

To help students prepare their applications, we will be facilitating a series of information sessions.

The live sessions have now concluded. Please view this recording of a prior session:

By attending a session students will:
- be introduced to the application proposal and the process of submission
- learn how to strengthen your project proposal
- learn about the funding available for Agents of Change projects (up to $500 for each project)
Students will have an opportunity to ask questions they have regarding the application process and/or Agents of Change program in general.

Please visit for program details. The application guide will be released soon, stay tuned! 

If you have any questions regarding the Agents of Change Program, please email

(**)Attendance is not mandatory at the information session to apply.