Agents of Change: ZEAL

Some families have the proud moment of sending their first child to university. While this is an amazing step, some students in this position find themselves missing critical information and resources that can help them achieve the greatest return on their important investment. Without these resources; stress, anxiety, and lower earning potential can result. A student's potential should not be limited by what they do not know or have. All students with the drive to push their future and standard of living upwards should have access to a support network. 

Our Mission

ZEAL is an online platform that hosts weekly virtual peer support groups for first-generation students, as well as customized information packages for mature students and Indigenous students.

Our vision is to be an effective service that helps support overlooked groups of the next generation of York University students, researchers, and leaders by providing consultations where we will equip students with tailored resources and plans to help them maximize their potential.  

Our goal is to tackle some of the unique challenges faced by our target audience in a safe space that upholds our community values such as respect, empathy and inclusivity. 

Registration opens 48 hours before the weekly session and it is free for all York students. For more information please visit our website. 


Sarah Labib - President and Facilitator

Senior Hons. B.Sc Psychology candidate at York University 

Sarah has a great passion for providing assistance and support to her peers, and this led her to be recognized by Calumet College and Stong College for her exceptional performance as a Peer Mentor and Peer Tutor for the academic year 2018-2019. Her dedication in learning psychology and the human brain processes allowed her to participate in several researches and so she hopes to pursue a career in Neuroscience after graduation.

Jake Janicki - Facilitator

Hons. B.A. Psychology Alumni and MSc in International Business and Management candidate 

Jake is committed to helping students succeed and develop in their university careers. Having studied psychology, he is keenly aware of the protective benefits of an effective support network in a person's post secondary education. With four years of customer service experience, an award from his fraternity, and as a former student ambassador to York University for the Canada School of Public Service, he is familiar with helping diverse groups of students pursue their goals. 

Ashish Skrikanth - Facilitator

Senior Spec. Hons. Cognitive Science candidate at York University 
Ashish studies Cognitive Science at York University in Toronto. 

Ashish worked alongside a community of undergraduate students to educate the youth about brain and spinal cord injury prevention. He is passionate about mental health and an avid runner. Applying his personal insights (as a newbie in mindfulness meditation) to the design of the project, Ashish offers a unique perspective to our team of facilitators. 

Dema Talib - Facilitator

Senior Hons. BSc Psychology Student at York University 

Dema is passionate about aiding other students into reaching their full potential and transforming their struggles into unique successes. Having a diverse academic, volunteer and work background in leadership, writing, research, tutoring, mentoring, customer service and many other positions, she is excited to unify her skills and expand her experiences into the field of mental health. 

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