Campus Resources


In addition to the resources at Stong and Calumet Colleges, students are encouraged to avail themselves of the resources available on and off campus: academic, co-curricular and extracurricular.

Academic Support

Academic Advising

Each faculty offers Academic Advising to help students make informed and thoughtful decisions to assist in being successful as you progress through your program. You can find help with the following:

  • understanding Faculty legislation and policies
  • program and degree requirements
  • degree options: major, minor, certificates
  • understanding your grade report and academic standing
  • the petition process
  • Peer Mentoring and study groups
  • information and referrals to academic and campus services and resources

Learning Commons

The Learning Commons is a central hub on the second floor of the Scott Library where you will find a variety of resources and services to support your academic work.  This is the place to go for help on how to research, write, prepare for exams, manage your time, etc.  The Learning Commons brings together the expertise of librarians, writing instructors, learning skills specialists and career counsellors into one central location.


Scott Library
Central Square, York University
416-736-5150 ext. 55150

Peter F. Bronman Business Library
Room S237 – Schulich School of Business
111 Ian Macdonald Blvd. Toronto.
416 736 5139

Sound and Moving Image Library
On Main floor of Scott Library

Steacie Science and Engineering Library
140 Campus Walk, Keele Campus, York University
(416) 736-5084

Clara Thomas Archives and Special Collections
Room 305, Scott Library

Osgoode Hall Law School Library
Ignat Kaneff Building
92 Scholars Walk

Academic Integrity

An essential part of developing strong academic skills includes becoming familiar with the university’s academic integrity policies. All students are encouraged to read York’s Senate Policy on Academic Honesty and take the online Academic Integrity Tutorial in order to ensure they produce their best quality work.

SOS Peer Tutoring

Free peer tutoring is available in the Bethune College Study Hall and Life Sciences Learning Common during the academic year, starting in January and running until the start of exams. Peer Tutors are volunteer undergraduate students who have achieved excellence in their tutored course. The SOS Peer Tutoring service assists students in improving academic performance and cultivates and refines Peer Tutors’ consultation-specific communication skills to convey fundamental course concepts.

Learning Skills Services

Learning Skills Services gives students the opportunity to work on their studying skills through workshops, useful resources and individual help. They provide helpful tips all year round to get you on the right path for achieving academic success.

N110, Bennett Centre for Student Services

Study Hub

If you’re finding school can be a struggle, you’re not alone. If you’re looking for help, this is the place. The Study Hub is here to connect you with information on:

  • why students struggle academically
  • where they get help

Writing Centre

York offers one-to-one writing instruction, workshops and credit courses to assist you develop many writing skills to be successful in all level of writing assignments. One-to-one instruction is available to students taking courses in the Faculty of Liberal Arts and Professional Studies, Faculty of Environmental Studies, Faculty of Graduate Studies, Faculty of Fine Arts, Faculty of Health and the Schulich School of Business.

The writing center offers 1-1 instruction to all Faculty of Health students, irrespective of their major or what courses they are taking. A limited number of their instructors are offering to work online synchronously with students, and they have a limited e-tutoring program whereby the student submits a draft and receives comments and suggestions a few days later. All of their workshops are also open to Health students. See for details.

Financial and Enrolment Support

Financial Aid

Registrarial Services offers information about financial aid and answers any questions you may have pertaining to financial need.

The office provides information about:

  • Applying for OSAP
  • loans and grants for part-time students
  • Assisting international, American, and out of province students with their unique financial needs.

Registrarial Services
Bennett Centre for Student Services

Ontario Student Assistance Program (OSAP)

Ontario Student Assistance Program is an application-based government financial aid program for Ontario resident students. OSAP offers both grants and repayable loans, according to the government’s assessment of students’ educational costs and financial resources.

The York OSAP website highlights the eight steps required to submit an application, receive funds, and report changes. There are also links to the government OSAP website, downloadable forms, and an OSAP dictionary for first-time OSAP applicants.

Ontario Student Assistance Program

Scholarships, Awards and Bursaries

Incoming students can apply for the many in-course  scholarships, bursaries and awards that are offered through York via the Student Financial Profile (SFP). Academic achievement and financial need are the main criteria for granting awards however some awards also take additional criteria into consideration such as volunteerism, demonstrated leadership and involvement in the community. Students can search for available awards, scholarships and bursaries by using the awards database.   Awards that are external to York University should also be taken into consideration for those students seeking awards.

Student Financial Profile

The Student Financial Profile (SFP) is an online application form that is used to apply for scholarships, bursaries and on-campus employment opportunities.  Students may complete the SFP at the start of each academic term (F/W or SU) in order to be considered for these various programs.   For the Fall/Winter term, the SFP typically opens in the first week of August and for the Summer term, the application becomes available in early April. Students completing the SFP  are encouraged to apply for all available programs.

Student Financial Profile

Degree Progress Report

The Degree Progress Report (DPR) is an online tool that allows you to track your progress toward completing your program requirements and helps you plan future course selections. It indicates those program requirements which have already been satisfied, those which can potentially be satisfied by current course enrolments, and those which remain to be satisfied.

Admission Client Services

Admissions Client Services (ACS) is a group of professionals that provide telephone and in-person services for applicants and students reapplying or visiting York University.

Representatives provide information related to:

  • degree and certificate/diplomas programs
  • admission requirements
  • important dates and deadlines
  • documents required for admission
  • application status queries and  the use of My File
  • the Entering Student Financial Profile (SFP)
  • language proficiency requirements
  • scholarships and awards
  • booking an advising appointment
  • York English Language Test (YELT)
Enrolment and Registration Guide

The Undergraduate Enrolment and Registration Guide teaches you how to ernol in courses and create your course schedule using York’s Online Registration and Enrolment Module. It also links to important information from Registrarial Services about sessional dates and deadlines, paying course fees, and obtaining financial aid.

Undergraduate Enrolment and Registration Guide

Counselling and Disability Services

Mental Health Disability Services

Mental Health Disability Services (MHDS) provides students support including academic, financial and social services. Students can register by filling out the MHDS form and returning it to N110 in the Bennett Centre for Student Services.

Mental Health Disability Services
N110 Bennett Centre

Personal Counselling

Personal Counselling Services  (PCS) offers students both individual and group counselling, as well as  crisis intervention sessions and outreach activities. Workshops offered through PCS are open to all students and focus on topics related to personal development. To make an appointment for a personal counselling initial session, visit N110 of the Bennett Centre.

Personal Counselling Services
N110 Bennett Centre

Physical, Sensory and Medical Disability Services

Physical, Sensory & Medical Disability Services provides advocacy, information and support for students with physical, sensory and medical disabilities. PSMDS also provides academic accommodations. To register, students must complete the medical documentation found on the PSMDS website, and return it to N108 Ross Building.

Physical, Sensory & Medical Disability Services
N108 Ross Building

Learning and Disability Services

The primary aim of the Learning Disability Services (LDS) is to provide confidential support for students identified with learning disabilities (LDs), Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), or Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASDs) in order to facilitate their academic, personal, and career goals. LDS arranges individualized academic accommodations and supports for students based on their documentation. This can include access to a variety of services both through LDS and the broader campus. LDS encourages students to register with them as soon as they have accepted their offer to York.

Campus Safety and Security

Campus Shuttles

York University provides a variety of shuttle services:

  • Village Shuttles- There are three village shuttles, “Village Express”, “Village East”, and “Village West”. These shuttles service the off-campus housing area just south of the Keele Campus known as ‘The Village’.
  • Keele-Glendon Shuttle – transport between the Keele Campus and the Glendon Campus.
  • York University Go-Train Shuttle – transport between the York University GO Train Station and York University
  • Van Go – designed to assist students and staff with disabilities to get around campus.

goSAFE is a complimentary evening service provided by York University to help students, faculty, staff, and their guests get from one on-campus location to another safely. goSAFE staff members will escort students to and from any on-campus location. Staff will be available to meet students at their desired pick-up location within 10 minutes. goSAFE operational hours vary by season.

Security Services

York Security Services is committed to keeping both York campuses safe for everyone. York strives to meet the needs of everyone within the York community by providing security services and resources to keep students safe and secure. Working together with different members of the community is what makes York’s security partnership work. All of the security personnel are trained to a high professional standard to ensure student safety and to deal with any incidents that may occur.

York U Mobile Safety App

The York U Mobile Safety App is a mobile application designed to provide quick, one-stop access to all campus security resources, including the York Security Services emergency line and key student safety services, such as goSAFE, the campus shuttle and other important safety information.

Safety Together

Safer Together, York University’s safety awareness initiative, is York’s commitment to building a safer campus and community. The objective of Safer Together is to foster continued and shared engagement in community safety. The Safer Together website provides one-stop access to all of the University’s safety resources that will help students be more informed and take action about their safety.

Living on Campus

Meal Plans

Whether you’re living in residence or commuting, the York University Meal Plan offers students both savings and convenience. There are a variety of meal plans to choose from based on individual lifestyle and needs. Meal plans are mandatory for all students living in a residence without kitchen access. Students that are commuting can also choose any of the offered meal plans; check out the Keele Campus Meal Plan chart to see the expiry dates.


Living in residence students can develop lasting friendships and will have a variety of social and educational activities at their doorstep. Living on campus gives students the opportunity to get involved, and become part of the vibrant and engaged community. Residence is more than just a place to live. It is the best way to take one’s academic and personal success to a higher level.

Student Housing Services
340 Assiniboine Rd

Navigating Campus


Red Zone

York’s RED Zone is a new student transition program that runs year-round. At the RED Zone, students are welcomed by student ambassadors who will be able to answer any questions about York as well as connect students to any resource on campus. Whether you are having trouble finding your classroom or need help with an assignment or want to get involved and make friends, the RED Zone Ambassadors are here to serve you both in person, in the Vari Hall Rotunda, as well as online through our social media channels such as

Student Community and Leadership Development
S172 Ross

Sports, Recreation, Health and Wellness


With over 15 varsity sports teams and 20 competitive clubs, York Varsity Athletes are no strangers to competition. The York University Lions represent York at provincial and sometimes nation-wide university match-ups, while loyal Lions fans can be seen cheering them on.

Intramural Sports

If students are looking to be involved in sports at a recreational level, they can consider joining an intramural sports team. Students may choose to join through their college, register as an individual player, or gather up their friends to create a team. York’s main recreational facility, the Tait McKenzie Centre, also offers instructional classes and gym memberships at a discount for all York students.

Intramural Sports

Health Education and Promotion

Health Education and Promotion provides students with access to a professional health educator who is able to answer questions and provide referrals about health related issues. All information shared is entirely confidential. In addition, the office houses a team of student Peer Health Educators who host a number of events and workshops throughout the year in order to raise awareness about common student health concerns.

Student Rights and Responsibilities

Code of Student Rights and Responsibilities

Code of Student Rights & Responsibilities was developed to articulate what students can expect and what is expected of them as members of the York community. All York students are expected to conduct themselves in a way that upholds an atmosphere of civility, diversity, equity, and respect. Students should strive to make the campus safe and to support the dignity of individuals and groups. The Office of Student Conflict Resolution (OSCR) administers the CSRR and provides services to students in need of support.

Centre of Human Rights

The Centre for Human Rights (CHR) contributes to York University’s vision of social justice and accessible education.  We strive to build a respectful, equitable, diverse and inclusive (REDI) community at York by advancing, promoting, and upholding human rights at York in accordance with provincial human rights legislation and the University’s policies.

Respect, Equity, Diversity and Inclusivity

Respect, Equity, Diversity and Inclusion (REDI) is an online, 9 module, Moodle-based training course for all York staff, faculty and students. It uses interactive training methods to teach audiences how to better identify and prevent harassment and discrimination based on provincial human rights legislation and the University’s human rights-related policies.

Student Activities and Involvement


YU Connect

There are clubs here ranging from environmental and professional to cultural and and faith-based and everything in between.  All of them can be found at one spot, YU Connect.  A place where not only all the various clubs and organization on campus are listed, but also a place that records all your co-curricular activity (involvement outside the classroom).  Its your one-stop-shop for getting involved at York University.

York's Leadership Program

York’s Student Leadership Program is targeted to enhance leadership, teamwork, and other valuable skills in students.

The program consists of three comprehensive sections including:

  • An intensive co-curricular certificate series
  • A combination of lectures, events, conferences and retreats for students
  • A combination of functional and interpersonal leadership workshops and resources for students governments and clubs




If students plan on driving to campus, there are a number parking to choose from; they can pick to pay daily rates or choose to purchase a parking permit for the semester or year. If students drive to campus, York strongly encourages them to carpool with their fellow students.

Parking and Transportation Services
William Small Centre

Public Transportation

With over 65% of students living within the Greater Toronto Area (GTA), York offers plenty of transportation options if you plan to commute to campus. York is served by five different public transportation outlets within the GTA including the TTC, GO Transit, Brampton Transit, VIVA and the YRT. York also offers a complimentary GO train shuttle to transport commuters to and from the nearby GO train station. All of York’s main buildings offer bike racks to safely secure your bike.

Transportation Services
222 William Small

Career Development

Career Centre

The Career Centre provides York students and new graduates with opportunities to explore a variety of career possibilities and pursue their career goals. Activities such as workshops on career exploration, job search and further education; individual appointments for career counselling, job search support and help with further education applications; fall and winter career fairs and job postings give students the chance to explore their career and further education options and develop their job search skills while still pursuing their degree and for two years after graduation.

Career Centre
202 McLaughlin College

What Can I Do With My Degree?

Explore potential career paths by visiting the Career Centre website.

Here are some options for careers related to programs offered at Stong:


The York University Bookstore offers two floors stocked full of required course texts, general interest material, stationery, and York University merchandise. Students can purchase their textbooks online, rent them for the term, buy used books or simply purchase their texts brand new by visiting the Bookstore. They are advised to print their course list before visiting the Bookstore in order to easily find what they are looking for. The Bookstore Map map will also be able to assist students in locating all their course texts. To ensure students properly locate materials and make purchases within their financial budget, the Bookstore provides two video clips on their main website. The Bookstore provides a new and innovative program where students redeem points by purchasing items with their YU Card. With these points, students are able to save on future purchases.

York University Bookstore
York Lanes
416-736-2100 x 40747

Student ID Card


The YU-card is York University’s official photo identification and campus debit card – it’s the one card students need to access key services such as the library, recreation facilities, exams, food, meal plans, shopping, events, discounts, and more. Students can load up their YU-card and use it as a debit card across campus, plus select off-campus merchants, to save time and money.

YU-card Office
200 William Small Centre

College Monthly E-Newsletters

The Monthly E-Newsletter has all the information about the college's upcoming events. As well as tips and communication from the Masters.