Community Engagement and Wellbeing

Important Notice:

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, Calumet and Stong Colleges are supporting students online in various ways. To find out how we are assisting and supporting students online during this time please click here

Please be notified that all in-person activities at Calumet College and Stong College have been canceled until further notice due to the Covid-19 pandemic. We have moved some of our events online. Please check your email accounts for the weekly updates on Calumet and Stong College events.

Our team at Calumet College and Stong College aims to support student success through a variety of Community Engagement and Wellbeing (CEW) programs and workshops. These workshops are designed for students to take a break and decompress. Registration is free. Advanced registration is mandatory. If you have any questions about any of the programs please email us at If you would like to host a workshop, apply here.

Online Art Gallery is a collection of student and staff artworks facilitated at Calumet and Stong Colleges Community Engagement and Wellness workshops.

Bold Ideas

Our Bold Ideas sessions serve as a platform for citizens, activists, and leaders to share their personal, career, and life experiences and challenges with the community, and how they negotiated their life paths around these challenges.


A calligrapher will lead us through a hands-on workshop to advance our penmanship skills. This workshop curates a relaxing evening of the discovery of your inner calligrapher. Take a break, decompress and partake in this self-care oriented workshop. Paper and pen will be provided. However, feel free to bring your own fine-point pen.


Caricatures are drawings based on people that exaggerate and define outstanding characteristics, making people look funny and cartoonish. It's a silly and fun way of drawing portraits!

Cartoon Drawing

Want to learn how to draw cartoons? In this workshop series, an artist will show you the basics of how to draw animals in cartoon form, and will help you develop your own art style!

CCSC Welcome Event

Watch this recording of Calumet and Stong Colleges' Welcome event 2020. The colleges welcomed new and current students back to the Fall term. The Faculty of Health community members participated in engaging activities, connected with their peers, and learned about various campus and college resources.

Character Design

Learn the basics of how to design your own character, from their visual design, to their origin and backstory! Why Design Your Own Character? Designing your own character is a way to express your creative identity and personality by crafting a person and their story.

Clay Modelling

An artist will lead us through a hands-on learning experience to complete a clay art piece. Please join us if you would like to experience a session of learning, exploration, discovery, and delight crafting with your fellow peers.


Everyone should learn how to cook/bake! It's fun, therapeutic, and an important life skill that will impress anyone!

Drawing Essentials

In this series, you will learn the basics of drawing and work through several lessons to design and draw your very own still life artwork. All you need is a pen/pencil and paper.

Every Monday, we will release a video and exercise on a specific drawing technique that you can practice on your own. On the Friday evening of the same week, there will be a live stream via Zoom to ask questions and share your progress.

Drawing Faces

Being able to draw a portrait, realistic or cartoon, is a fun skill to have that comes in handy when you want to impress someone! It's also a great way to relax!

Dream Catcher Workshop

In this workshop you will learn how to create a dreamcatcher and its cultural significance to Indigenous Peoples. Learning to produce crafts while sharing some cultural background allows us to enrich our knowledge. By focusing on creating a single delicate piece, students will benefit from de-stressing from their regular challenging activities. This is an opportunity to appreciate diverse cultural art productions.


An experienced improviser will introduce participants to the craft and will illustrate how various improv techniques can be applied to a number of scenarios. Please join us for a relaxing evening to explore and discover your inner actor. This workshop may help you develop a stronger sense of confidence when interacting with the public (PPT presentations, public speaking, socializing, etc.).

Mask Making

A costume maker will lead us through a hands-on workshop on how to make a Spider-Man mask. Join us for a relaxing evening of creativity and uncover your inner costume maker. Tools and materials will be provided. However, please feel free to bring your own.

Movement 2 Stillness

Click here to watch Cameron's recorded session
Join Cameron Mattice (certified strength & conditioning specialist and yoga teacher) in a moving exploration of your body and its inherent resilience. With his guidance, you will playfully discover a ground-based movement practice that requires strength, mobility, and awareness.


Origami is a centuries-old form of art originating from East Asia, and involves the folding of paper into art pieces such as animals for ceremonial or leisurely purposes!


Everyone uses their camera, either for selfies or photography so we should learn what goes into a good photo, what settings to use, and how to set up a good shot!

Speed Painting

An artist will lead us through a hands-on learning experience to complete a painting. Please join us if you would like to experience a session of learning, exploration, discovery and delight painting with your fellow peers.

Speed Sketching

Sketching is a fun and easy way to express yourself artistically. You can learn the different methods used when sketching, as well as the elements and principles of design that are used when creating art.

Spoken Word

An artist will guide us to create a spoken word poem. Please join us if you would like to experience a session of learning, exploration, discovery and delight writing with your fellow peers.

Still-Life Drawings

A still-life is a type of drawing that features an arrangement of inanimate objects - such as bowls, vases, fruit, and flowers. Known as the touchstone of visual art, still-life compositions have been created since the Egyptians of 15th Century BCE. During these sessions, you will learn the basics of drawing a still-life artwork (a drawing of real-life objects). All you need is a pen/pencil and paper.