Course Representative Program

Course Representatives are well-trained students who make class announcements to encourage their classmates to engage in their own personal and academic success, liaise with classmates and the course director to improve students' learning experiences and organize unfacilitated study groups to promote healthy study strategies.

Course Representative Recruitment - Fall/Winter 2020/21

Dear Faculty of Health Students,

You may be eligible for an exciting leadership opportunity with the Course Representative Program where you can sharpen your leadership skills, expand your social/professional network, and make a positive, lasting impact on the YorkU community! Act fast, because there are only a handful of positions left!

Calumet and Stong Colleges are now recruiting Course Representatives for the upcoming Fall/Winter 2020/21 term for core courses in GLOBAL HEALTH, HEALTH STUDIES, KINESIOLOGY, NURSING, AND PSYCHOLOGY.

By becoming a Course Representative, you will gain valuable leadership experience and open other opportunities to be involved in student clubs, on-campus paid Work-Study positions, research volunteer opportunities, as well as allow you to interact with staff and students. Training will be provided for these positions to better enhance your leadership skills.

The deadline to apply for the Course Representative Position is Monday, July 20th, 2020 at 11:59 PM.

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Please note that you must be enrolled in one or more of the following courses in Fall/Winter 2020 to qualify:


HH/PSYC 1010 6.00          Introduction to Psychology (ONLY SECTIONS B, G, I, C, M, N)
HH/PSYC 2010 3.00          Writing in Psychology
HH/PSYC 2020 6.00          Statistical Methods I and II
HH/PSYC 2021 3.00          Statistical Methods I
HH/PSYC 2022 3.00          Statistical Methods II
HH/PSYC 2030 3.00          Introduction to Research Methods
HH/PSYC 3000 3.00          Professionalism and Communication in Psychology
HH/PSYC 3010 3.00          Intermediate Research Methods
HH/PSYC 3031 3.00          Intermediate Statistics Laboratory
HH/PSYC 3125 3.00          History of Psychology
HH/PSYC 4001 6.00          Specialized Honours Thesis
HH/PSYC 4175 6.00          Advanced Community-Based Applied Research


HH/KINE 1000 6.00          Sociocultural Perspectives in Kinesiology
HH/KINE 1020 6.00          Fitness and Health
HH/KINE 2011 3.00          Human Physiology I
HH/KINE 2031 3.00          Human Anatomy
HH/KINE 2049 3.00          Research Methods in Kinesiology
HH/KINE 2050 3.00          Analysis of Data in Kinesiology I
HH/KINE 3000 3.00          Psychology of Physical Activity and Health
HH/KINE 3012 3.00          Human Physiology II
HH/KINE 3020 3.00          Skilled Performance and Motor Learning
HH/KINE 3030 3.00          Biomechanics of Human Movement
HH/KINE 4010 3.00          Exercise Physiology
HH/KINE 4020 3.00          Human Nutrition


HH/NURS 3514 3.00          Development of Self as Nurse: Nurse as Leader and Agent of Change
HH/NURS 3515 3.00          Development of Self as Nurse: Research and Inquiry
HH/NURS 3524 6.00          Health and Healing: Client Centred Care of Individuals and Families in Child and Mental Health Settings
HH/NURS 4516 3.00          Development of Self as Nurse: Advanced Professional Issues
HH/NURS 4526 6.00          Health & Healing: Client Centred Care of Individuals and Families in Homes and Acute Settings
HH/NURS 4528 3.00          Health & Healing: Integrated Nursing Science Theory
HH/NURS 4546 3.00          Health & Healing: Global Context of Nursing

HH/NURS 1511 3.00          Development of Self as Nurse: Professionhood and Knowledge of Nursing I
HH/NURS 1543 3.00          Health & Healing: Health Assessment
HH/NURS 1900 6.00          Health & Healing: Nursing in the Context of Wellness
HH/NURS 1950 3.00          Development of Self as Nurse: Foundations of Nursing: Thinking, Communicating, and Relating
HH/NURS 2512 3.00          Development of Self as Nurse: Professionhood and Knowledge of Nursing II
HH/NURS 2522 6.00          Health & Healing: Client-Centred Care of Individuals with Common Health Challenges
HH/NURS 2533 3.00          Process of Human Disease I
HH/NURS 4516 3.00          Development of Self as Nurse: Advanced Professional Issues

AP/WRIT 3900 3.0               Professional Writing for Nurses
HH/NURS 2300 3.00          Development of Self as Nurse: Understanding and Interpreting Quantitative Data Analysis in Nursing Research
HH/NURS 3130 3.00          Health & Healing: Promoting Health and Healing with Individuals and Families
HH/NURS 3770 3.00          Leadership Development Part I
HH/NURS 4131 6.00          Client Centred Care in Canadian Context
HH/NURS 4710 3.00          The Canadian Health Care System
HH/NURS 3901 3.00          Pharmacotherapeutics for nursing in Ontario
HH/NURS 3902 3.00          Providing Culturally Competent Care
HH/NURS 3515 3.00          Development of Self as Nurse: Research and Inquiry


HH/IHST 1001 3.00          Anatomy & Physiology for Human Health I
HH/IHST 1002 3.00          Anatomy & Physiology for Human Health II
HH/IHST 1010 3.00          Foundations of Global Health Studies
HH/IHST 2000 3.00          Global Health Policy: Power & Politics
HH/IHST 2010 6.00          Global Health Research Methods & Measurement
HH/IHST 2100 3.00          Chronic Disease & Care
HH/IHST 2200 3.00          Determinants of Health: Local to Global
HH/IHST 3000 3.00          Epidemiology and Global Health
HH/IHST 3100 3.00          Communicable Diseases and Care
HH/IHST 3545 3.00          Promoting Global Health
HH/IHST 3740 3.00          Health Care Planning for Communities
HH/IHST 4010 3.00          Health Care Ethics: Policy and Management
HH/IHST 4100 3.00          Program Evaluation
HH/IHST 4200 3.00          Global Health Governance and Leadership
HH/IHST 4400 3.00          Applied Global Health Research Capstone
HH/IHST 4510 3.00          Global Health and Human Rights


HH/HLST 1010 3.00          Foundations of Health Studies I
HH/HLST 1010 3.00          Foundations of Health Studies II
HH/HLST 2010 3.00          Social Determinants of Health
HH/HLST 2020 3.00          Health Policy: Power and Politics
HH/HLST 2030 3.00          Health Management 1: Essentials of Health Care Management
HH/HLST 2040 3.00          Health Informatics 1: Introduction to Health Informatics
HH/HLST 2300 6.00          Statistical Methods in Health Studies
HH/HLST 4000 3.00          Health Care Law
HH/HLST 4010 3.00          Health Care Ethics: Policy and Management Perspective

Important and Mandatory Training Dates:

  • Interviews will be held on July 30th from 9:30-11:00 am and/or 12:00-1:30 pm.
  • Foundational Peer Leader Training (FPLT) will be held on August 11, 2019 (LSB 107 from 9:00 am to 4:30 pm).
  • Course Representative Training held on August 7, 2019 from 1:00 pm to 5:00 pm. (Location TBA)

*** For those students applying to be a Course Representative for Second, Third and Fourth Year Courses, you must complete the additional training below:

  • York Orientation Day Peer Leader Training on August 1, 2019, from 9:00 am to 6:00 pm.
  • - York Orientation Day General Volunteer Training on August 1, 2019, from 3:00 pm to 6:00 pm.[For First Year Course Representative Applicants, attending the York Orientation Day Training on August 1 and 8 is optional]

Training & Professional Development Opportunities – Strongly Encouraged:

  • Advanced Peer Leader Training (APLT) on (Time and date TBD)

How will you benefit?

  • Students will develop their leadership skills on theory, hands-on activities and experiential learning at FPLT, program-specific skills training, and weekly meetings with the Course Representative Program Coordinator.
  • Students will have the opportunity to improve advanced leadership skills at the Advanced Peer Leader Training (APLT) events throughout the year.
  • Students will be awarded a certificate/award if they meet the demands of their positions/roles.
  • Students will be recognized at the Faculty of Health & Colleges Award Ceremony in June 2019 if they meet the demands of their position/roles.
  • Students will become competitive for Leadership-based awards at the university level, Faculty of Health and Colleges level (e.g. Robert Tiffin Student Leadership Award, Silver Medal for Leadership, Student Leadership Certificates/Awards, CC Master/SC Master Outstanding Student Leadership Award specific for each program: PT, PM, CR, H&W, PE etc.).
  • Students will strengthen their CV/Resume, making them more competitive for professional schools, graduate schools, jobs, and volunteer positions.
  • Students will develop an awareness of what a responsible citizen is and have the opportunity to positively impact others.
  • Students will build their social and professional/career network.
  • Students will develop independent and critical thinking, communication skills, etc.

Please visit or for other opportunities.

For any questions or concerns, please email

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