Course Representative Promo 2020-21 Video Description Transcript


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[The opening slide of the presentation fades in from black. The presenter, Heather, is smiling and can be seen at the top right corner of the screen. She begins to speak.] 

Hi there, my name is Heather and I'm an undergraduate student in the psychology program and I'm a course representative with Calumet and Stong colleges. Today I'd like to tell you a little bit about the course representative program.  


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[Screen fades to next presentation slide.] 

Course representatives are students enrolled in faculty of health courses who support the transition and development of their peer. They give weekly announcements, organize study groups, and solicit feedback from students regarding their course experience. 


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[Screen fades to next presentation slide.] 

Class announcements occur every week. They are only three minutes in length and they are pre-designed by the colleges. Course representatives are set up with online groups on e-class to organize study groups and provide an outlet for students to voice their feedback. 


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[Screen fades to next presentation slide.]  

In order to become a course representative, there's an application and interview process. You will be provided with foundational peer leadership training, course representative training and you're required to attend weekly meetings. 


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[Screen fades to next presentation slide.]  

As a course representative, you'll support your peers with presentations on health and wellness, academic and study tips, career skills, and more. This program helps students access student success programs and university resources, and it builds a great sense of community among your peers. 


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[Screen fades to next presentation slide.] 

Course representatives will have the opportunity to practice their presentation skills, build confidence, network, add to their co-curricular record and resume, and engage in professional development and  

leadership opportunities. 


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[Screen fades to next presentation slide.]  

Course representatives are only part of the student success program at Calumet and Stong and they can be that first point of contact to connect students with peer mentoring, peer-assisted study sessions, and peer tutoring. 


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[Screen fades to next presentation slide.] 

Weekly slides include information about upcoming Calumet and Stong events. There are lots of activities and workshops to help students relax and have fun, connect, and work on their leadership skills. 


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[Screen fades to next presentation slide.] 

There are also plenty of York events to help students achieve academic success as well as career success and network. 


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[Screen fades to next presentation slide.]  

To learn more about your student success programs stay connected with Calumet and Stong on Facebook, Instagram, and their websites. Thanks so much for your time! 

[Heather is smiling as the screen fades to black.]